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Tema: CDEM format proprietary or public?

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    03 Dec, 04

    Predeterminado CDEM format proprietary or public?

    Is the format of the CDEM digital elevation maps documented or some standard format?

    I´d like to use Alps.CDEM with terragen



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    19 Nov, 04


    Hello Michael,

    The *.CDEM format is a proprietary format (CompeGPS Digital Elevation Model).
    Now it's possible to create new sections from a *CDEM and save as *.HDR format (standard and public).

    To create new 3D landscapes sections (from v5.7):
    - Open the landscape (in the 2D window).
    - With the "Selection Mode" tool (from the toolbar)select the area you want to export.
    - Create a new landscape area and save it as a .*HDR format.

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