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Tema: Cache online maps / which one is shown?

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    09 Jul, 11

    Question Cache online maps / which one is shown?

    I'm using the TwoNav app for the iPad and activated the online map "Espana_Peninsula_topo_utm30". Whilel zooming in and out, the app changes the maps according to the zoom level chosen. Two of the maps shown are especially interesting for my intended use and I would like to know

    a) is there a way to cache/download those maps so that I don't have to be online when travelling through spain?
    b) if a is not possible, could anyone tell me which maps from the map store are the ones attached here? My guess was IGN mosaic but they look slighty different and wouldn't scale as they are raster maps.

    Any hints highly appreciated,

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    08 Jul, 11


    Hello Yawron,

    In Settings > System > Advanced

    There's a check box "Cache remote maps" and combolist "Maps's Cache Max Memory" which can allow save remote map in local cache.

    You also can find this are with "Spain Topo Mosaic", buying Full, Zones, Provinces and Tile.

    There're also a lot of hiking maps for Spain check following website:



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