Hi @all,
I'm trying to add contour lines with text into a map (raster) in CGPSL 7.4.
The contour lines were created with QGIS 1.8.0 as a vector layer (from SRTM data). The text was created with the labeling functionality in QGIS.
In QGIS it looks nice: contour lines with the height as text.
To get it into CGPSL I've created a shape file with the data of the layer (in fact 3 files were created: .shp, .shx and .dbf).
When the shape file is imported in CGPSL the .shp and .dbf file will be loaded and the contour lines are displayed - but not the text.
The text is contained in the .dbf file. It can be displayed in CGPSL with a right mouse button click on the .dbf file and "list entries".

I've also tried the possibility via converting the layer to a vector map with GPSMapEdit or OziExplorer and it works - but it's a pretty poor quality on the display.
Therefore that seems not to be a useful solution.

Does anybody out there has an idea how to display values (attributes) from a .dbf file in CGPSL?

Regards UweLm
PS. sorry for my poor english, I'm not a native speaker.