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Tema: OSM VMap on Aventura?

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    10 Jul, 11

    Question OSM VMap on Aventura?


    Does anyone have experience with the paid versions of OSM Europe on the Aventura?

    I downloaded a map of one country to the device after unlocking it from Land. Map was shown in gray road mode, map was selectable.

    But no cities or addresses showed up in the search screen.

    I rebooted the device. VMap was still selectable in green off-road mode, but the gray road mode was now disabled. On purpose I removed first all maps from the device, just to see what happened.

    Can we assume there is a bug here? I'm running Twonav 2.6, SIRF 1.3.59R. No upgrade to OS yet.

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    28 Apr, 10


    Hi Noppy,

    i suppose it's not a bug.
    ONROAD mode is usually for autorouting.
    As this OSM-VMAPS actually do not have capabilty for autorouting they doesn't activate ONROAD.(Shoudn't be a problem as usually Aventura is delivered with commercial VMAPS by Teleatlas)
    Also address search is a capabilty of routable VMAPS only.
    So, actually, with this OSM Vmaps you cann search by name but not by address.
    Also we have to keep in mind that it is actually only possible to search in one map at time. So the after has to closed before.

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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