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    I was wondering with all the new stuff that's being developed such as Open MTB maps whether there are plans in the future to include (Garmin) .img files in Land for export to Aventura and other devices. As Basecamp is free and can import OpenMTB files for use and then export to Garmin products i was hoping that CompeGPS might also allow use of those files so we can extend map options for the future? Is this something that is being considered for future release?

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    Is this something that is being considered for future release?
    Only CompeTean can give you an answer about their future plans.

    I think a better place to address your questions/suggestion might be:

    In fact, it is actually already possible to import files in img/mp-format. With CGPSL full version you can convert the data into MPVF maps which you can use on Aventura, Sportiva, Ultra, Delta...
    There are some limitations( e.g it is not possible to read/convert full maps). So a 1:1 conversion is not possible yet.

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