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    Predeterminado Contour Height Values

    Hello, i am using Mobile Atlas Creator to create a TwoNav Rmap (which works really well) however no contour lines are included. When i load the map in Land i can then go to "Download Internet Landscape For This Area" i chose DEM SRTM 90x90 and that produces a .hgt file/map. I can then right click the .hgt file and select "tools" "create vector map with contour lines" That also works well. However the resulting vector map with contour lines shows no height values!!!! Could you please explain how i would get the values to show? Would i need to use GDal or some other program to produce the heights please? Also when i produce the contour map it asks for the distance between heights (default 100). Is this 100ft or meters (or is it set in my preferences for Land (in other words if my preferences are to show height in feet is this the distance between contour lines when i produce this map from .hgt)? This produces a "layer name .rmap" but i see no options to show height markings under properties!!!!!

    I have attached a picture............
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