Having used Two Nav /Spanish Topo maps on a windows Laptop/Pda I decided to buy Two Nav and GB Topo maps to use on my Ipad 2
The Two Nav default maps work fine, and I eventually managed to load the GB Topo maps using Filezilla as the Downloader an Itunes methods wouldn’t work
I now have three display problems that make it very difficult to use these maps
Can anyone help?
1. I have to open all the tiles individually from the open folder before they can be opened in the maps folder. As there are about 400 tiles this is a real pain. There must be an easier way.
2. When the Overview map is open the GB Topo tiles, which are open, stay behind the overview map and can’t be seen even when zoomed right in.
3. I can only open 9 tiles at a time and the problem is that when I want to move to a tile that is not open it has to be opened from the maps folder and from there the right one can’t be easily found as identification is by a series of meaningless numbers
As an additional piece of information I asked a friend who uses vmaps on an ipod to help by checking how the file structure was laid out on the 2.5 version of Two Nav. After finding it was completely different he updated to V2.7 and now has very similar problems as me.
Has anyone got any ideas?