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Tema: transverse mercator ellipsoid - error

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    17 Sep, 07

    Predeterminado transverse mercator ellipsoid - error

    Hi there,

    When in CompeGPS Land 7.4.6 I open an OziExplorer map (.map and .jpg file) that I made with Terra Incognita 2.21 from the option (from within Terra Incognita) I get the error:
    "Error reading MAP file projection not compatible with Compe-GPS transverse mercator ellipsoid", see attached screenshot 1.

    When I open the same map area saved the same way but now as an Opengis kmz map, CompeGPS Land shows the map assembled in a wrong way, see around VERO which should be VERONA on the map in attached screenshot 2.

    The OziExplorer map (.map with .jpg) does display properly in OziExplorer's software, see attached screenshot 3.

    For the relevant OziExplorer files see and
    for the Opengis kmz file in question see

    I hope someone can enlighten me.
    If the problem really is the projection (which I doubt as there are many more maps with such projection), what is an alternative projection to use the above maps with CompeGPS Land?
    Thanks in advance for your kind help.

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