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Tema: calibrate a map from an image?

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    05 Apr, 13

    Predeterminado calibrate a map from an image?

    i would like to know if the trial software will prevent me from calibrating an image correctly?
    as i have tried this with a jpeg file with no success.
    the image looks great and the calibrate seems to good well until you go to open the map file in land. the map dosn't appear in the map viewer. it did however zoom to the map when selected from the data tree.

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    28 Dec, 12


    I'm not sure and I'm only a simple user but I think that the trial version could'nt use calibrate map from a jpg image
    Only the complete version could do this, but you can ask this question to the team compegps support
    I have the 7.4.6 official version with my Ultra and this fonction is a very great and useful function when you haven't an electronic map but only a paper version of the location where you are

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    14 Jul, 12


    As I remember when I started with the trial (1 year ago) it was not possible to use this function. If the picture map calibration is really active in trial, put attension on the format of the map you created. mayby try to convert it into another format by "save as" or right click on its name in file three and choose "move to front" to make it visible above other maps.

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