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    Predeterminado How to calculate a route

    Hi out there,

    currently, I am evaluating most of the available route planning software for motor cycle tour planning. CompeGPS looks like a very goot shot with access to cheap OSM-Maps.

    However, I am not able to calculate a route. I have successfully created a route on the map but it just shows the direct lines. CompeGPS does not "calculate" it, nor do I see the actual amount of kilometers etc. I have a activated the Basic-Version, however, still in evaluation-mode with access to extended functionality.

    Do I need another software or module?

    Is it possible to apply route calculation profiles like "car", "pedestrian" or "motor cyclist"?


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    Hi Volker,
    y're welcome,
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    Do I need another software or module?
    With full version it is possible to do some route calculation.
    But unfortunately it is in a very rudimentary state.
    In fact
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    Is it possible to apply route calculation profiles like "car", "pedestrian" or "motor cyclist"?
    this is not possible actually.

    The only thing you can do is to set point A + PointB and let it calculate by unknown values used for vehicle type, restrictions, preferences...

    Anyway even for this you need a map which contains a routing network. Usually this are TomTom VMAPS.
    With Fullversion of Land you are able to create your own maps in MPFV format including routing information. But there may a limitation of the possible area covered by those maps, caused by time needed to generate it
    Here ( is an example overlay map(only few polygons) to play with.

    How to open the autom. navigation:
    1. zoom in very far > mouse right click >context menu Start simulation here opens index tab and fills the Startpoint> same for Endpoint > then press Simulate

    2. If this index tab is open, you can use waypoints to drag and drop them on Start+Endpoint

    3. you can add tool(Simulation) to open the index tab) by upper toolbar right mouse click>press on "customize" opens window> left side scroll down to"Simulation">choose with arrow in the middle>OK
    So if you now press the new icon in upper toolbar, the index tab is openend und you can drag+drop waypoints)
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