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Tema: Are all of the functions described in the user manual supported in TwoNav for Android

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    Predeterminado Are all of the functions described in the user manual supported in TwoNav for Android

    For over a year I use TwoNav for Android smartphone. I think I have a lot of experience with this program. Many times I also read carefully the user manuals for each version of the program. Currently using the latest version of TwoNav for Android, ie 2.7.7. I use TwoNav on the smartphone Motorola Defy + (MB526).

    I have a feeling that either I have something I do not know or can not handle, or some of the functions described in the user manual are not fully supported in TwoNav for Android.

    Therefore, I have the following questions:

    1) Is it possible, and if so, how to display a graphical representation of the ROUTE?
    The TwoNav 2.7 Smartphone User manual - section 6.2.4 it says "Display a graph representation of your route / track ...". This means that you can view a graphical representation of the route and the trail.

    2) How to view a detailed status of the satellites, as shown in Section 2.2 of this user manual?

    In addition, I would like to ask what it is in the context menu "Screenshot to Wall"? What's the function?

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    Hi KKL,

    to 1.)
    no, generally this is actually not possible with Twonav also not with Sportiva, Ultra....
    to 2.)
    but you can access statuspage via menu>status?
    If yes, you simply have to click on the first bar beside the satellite icon. Usually this opens the detail page.

    3."Screenshot to Wall"
    i don't know. Maybe a special thing with smartphones(which i don't own) and/or background wallpaper

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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