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    29 May, 13

    Predeterminado newbie online....

    hello all,

    and sorry for my probably blond questions, but as I am blond also a good excuse...

    I am contemplating on buying a twonav for my new phone which I hope to get by the end of this week (early june 2013)
    first download is to get familiar with the use and system and in a later stage to use it for (rally) navigation.
    If I have downloaded it, it cant be transferred to a PDA which runs on winCE like the Holux..
    so I should purchase the product twice?

    how does this work,
    further where do I get maps from, I have seen different kinds of maps, what should I use, in the EU for navigating here and there..
    but also for use in offroad/ enduro trips..

    Ok, maybe I get way too many questions here, but I could also but a TT system, but hey, everybody does..
    and as I've hear some good stories about this system, maybe good to get into it and learn how to use it,

    thanks for any tips/ trick and other usable info,

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    08 Jul, 11


    Hello Patrick,

    For TwoNav there's a Multiplatform licence which you can install it in 3 devices (except Apple devices). So, with same licence you can use TwoNav in a Laptop, a Wince Device and a Android Smartphone.

    For maps there're TomTom V-Map which are for onroad navigation. Which have address and POIs search and routing features. There're also OSM vectorial maps which are not routable, maintained by users but it covers whole world.

    There're other Raster Topograhic and Orthografic maps for offroad use, for hikers, MTB, 4x4, etc. All these you can find them in the map catalogue.

    There're also relief maps with altitude information which are free for whole world.

    For more technical questions please visit FAQ and tutorial section, and if it's needed you can contact with technical service:



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    29 May, 13



    I really need to study the options and possibilities in this software,
    and V-map, sounds interesting, but I guess a TT would only be offered by TT..

    but does looks interesting,


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    13 Oct, 14


    Hello!I havethis errorevery timeTvoNavcardreloadsand becomesthe main program.How toget rid of this?Bought the .Andwhere to get themap of Russiathat the citycan be found at?

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