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Tema: Add wypt to a route

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    01 Feb, 10
    Agra,top of a hill on Lago Maggiore,Italy

    Predeterminado Add wypt to a route

    I've a route composed by 52 waypoints and I've to add others 430 waypoints to complete a trip.
    There is a system to add all wpt or you need to add one each time only?
    from a file composed by 500 wits it's possible to create a track or a route ?

    Thanks a lot for your help !


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    28 Apr, 10


    Hi Miko,

    let's assume that the 430 wp should be added behind the 52's.
    So bring the 430 Wp in the order(sorted by name(w1,w2,w3... for example)
    Than you simply
    - mark the waypoints in datatree,
    - right mouse=>copy
    - go to the route
    -click on route
    - right mouse copy-paste

    so all waypoints are added to the route starting with 53. They are added in the order as you sorted them.

    Same way you can create a route from a file of waypoints.
    - start creating a route, at least you have one routepoint
    - delete routpoint
    - copy+paste like above
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    Gert - - - for Twonav

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    01 Feb, 10
    Agra,top of a hill on Lago Maggiore,Italy


    Thanks Gert !! l
    I apologizes for late answer but in the meantime testing different modes I arrived by myself to your solution. Sometimes I do not think to drag and drop...... also to move some wypt from one position to another!
    Now i am concentrated on a new miniIpad cellular 64gb with Twonav tablet installed ( same as iPhone).
    When I navigate I can chose between Adventura,iPhone and iPad....... but I sold out my old Thoughbook panasonic......
    Unfortunately not all function are active in land same as in W..... this is really a pity ! for example i am not able to enter in MytwoNav from Land, or I'm not able to print a List iof wept.....
    Probablky at 60 y old I am too old for this kind of tricky toys......

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