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    05 Aug, 13

    Question Emergency Charger TwoNav

    Hello. I have an emergency charger twonav, and I connect it with four Sanyo Eneloop batteries, each one 2000mAh. I connect it to my phone Galaxy Nexus by microusb which battery is 1750 mAh, and all is fine. It charges one time, but after this charge, when I want to recharge the phone some hours after when i connect the twonav charger, it dont charges. Is it normal? how many charges can I do with one set of batteries? Thanks

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    08 Jul, 11


    Hello Lucanorillo,

    It's completelly normal. Rechargeble batteries may lost part of its capacities with charge/discharge cycles. And there's also power lost because of power level conversion. 1 charge in this case is what is expected.



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