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Tema: Delta with software error when USB plugged in

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    16 Oct, 13

    Predeterminado Delta with software error when USB plugged in

    Hello Inmates, I have recently purchased my Delta. (4 days ago)

    It runs fine when running off the battery.

    When I plug it into my Macbook Air and also the mains charger the Delta comes up with an error on the screen on start up in a small page stating:

    Cannot find 'UsbSplash' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available.

    When I click on the ok icon I then receive:

    TwoNav could not start.
    Please visit to find a solution.

    I have have raised a ticket with TwoNav support and am still awaiting a response.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get the Delta to work when connected to my laptop whilst I am awaiting TwoNav to respond?


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    16 Dec, 08


    It is because your MAC wrote files/folders to the Delta and possibly the datacard which then causes the WinCE device to fail. Every customer I sell to I tell them this and yet they still don't ensure MAC doesn't write to them. The reason why MAC and Android write files to such devices and datacard/thumbdrives is because MAC recognises them all as storage devices. As to specifically why they have to do that is well for Apple to answer. Purely just removing the added MAC files/folders may or may not fix the problem but what you will need to do is copy the full directory of the Delta and the SD card onto a desktop in case the following option deletes everything off of the Delta. When you copy back the original Delta files to the Delta ensure you don't copy back the listed files/folders below.

    If you find out how to stop MAC writing to a storage device please let us all know here.

    Files/folders I know of are


    You can then maybe connect to CompeGPS Land and "repair" the device. See how you go.
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