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Tema: Aventura Software Verbiage/Wording Incorrect

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    17 Jul, 12

    Predeterminado Aventura Software Verbiage/Wording Incorrect


    I screen locked ("Blocked" in your screen text) my Aventura a week or so ago and when i went to unlock, it says "Device blocked. Make a long press on 'hold' button to unblock". It needs to say "Make a SHORT press on 'hold' button to unblock". I tried a few times with the original suggestion (holding down for a 'long' time on hold but it did not work). Only after trying a 'short' press did it work............

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    28 Apr, 10


    first of all, unfortunately i don't have a Aventura.
    My Sportiva shows the following behaviour.
    Tap on screen of already blocked device shows the message

    device blocked.".

    If i configure "Block" command to a hard key and press him, message "Blocking..." or "Unblocking..." is shown depending on actual state.
    It doesn't matter if short or long press of Hard key is set.

    It looks like while my Sportiva is showing Message R234(idioma.def) Aventura is showing R235(idioma.def) instead.
    And as per default short press is configured for "Block" command this might mismatch.

    I will report it but:
    What version do you use?
    (Please: ALWAYS information about used version is needed. And never tell "actual version" as some weeks ahead this may be a other version already.)

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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