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Tema: Samsung s4 wp direction problems

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    09 Feb, 14

    Predeterminado Samsung s4 wp direction problems

    Excuse me for my bad English......
    Hallo I’ve some problem with the correctindication of the taget to follow on my Samsung s4 of two nav premium.
    I’ve to do some test and verificated enerror of 15° of the line target sight onthe right.
    My reference wp target is a church (I’vethe correct position lat and long) and it’s coincident with the chart point ofthe monument on yours map.
    There aren’t problem of magnetic fildsor metallic part in proximity of the cell.
    I’ve also performed the compasscalibration procedure.
    I’ve this setting in the menu:

    Communication/gps/advanced comm. Options: flag present
    Calibration/directions . i’ve select compass

    Can you hal me please ?

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    28 Apr, 10


    you're welcome.

    first of all.
    Always it's really appreciated toget all information which are available about Twonav version used, map (name, type, version)...
    How have you done your verification.?
    This information may help other users to help.
    Sorry i can't. I don't own an S4.
    If no other user reply please contact offical compegps support.Official Support

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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    07 Mar, 12


    Could this be a magnetic deviation issue? TwoNav so far only gives TRUE north bearings, so it will not match your compass reading. I am hoping for that added feature in the future. If so, please go vote and add comments to the user's voice page! :-D


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