I wanted to create a vectorial map of Luxembourg country. So I downloaded the file Luxembourg.osm.bz2 from the internet. After unpacking it, I opened it in Land. From there, I saved it as a .mpv file. Then opened the vector editor and change the net information to 10 m. At first, Land didn't work with fasttrack. Then after several hours, when I reopened the file, it worked ! This was what I wanted to use Land for. I put the Luxembourg topo map in the background and could create tracks via fasttrack. How great this was.

Then I tried to export the .mpv file to a .mpvf file, so I could use it on my iphone. But here the problems began: Land crashed. After several more attempts, the file now also crashes when I only want to open the original .mpv file. What happened. I have no clue at all ! What could I have done wrong ????