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Tema: Sort fields in flight logbook

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    15 Apr, 06
    Grenoble, France

    Predeterminado Sort fields in flight logbook


    It seems that there is a little problem for some sort fields in the logbook.
    On the logbook you can sort flight by clicking on title fields and it works for many fields, but if you want to sort your flight by optimized distance or departure time it's not working. (I don't test all fields)

    I use the last release 6.40. and it works well for other functionalities. I particularly like the new statistic functionality in the logbook
    Jacques, paragliding pilot

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    26 Dec, 05
    Aluche, barrio de Madriz


    I have post a lot of bugs from the logbook, but it's seems to be in the last priority position.

    You also can't save the order of the columns or to save the new added columns.
    Great Masterbetion System

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