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Tema: Paperless Geocaching including Spoilerpics with TwoNav & GSAK (BWPT) [Tutorial]

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    18 Jul, 12

    Predeterminado Paperless Geocaching including Spoilerpics with TwoNav & GSAK (BWPT) [Tutorial]

    I think the potential Twonav provides for paperless Geocaching are too seldom used. For that reason I wrote this tutorial.
    For more information look here.


    Creation of a BWPT-file using GSAK and CGPSL which contains the cache description and spoilerpics.


    - linked GSAK macros
    - Another program, which is capable of downloading the spoilerpics in the following format:
    Geocode_blablabla.jpg (f.i. GC2XYC_Spoiler 1.jpg).
    (I recommend RC65 Spoiler downloader)
    (Since GSAK has no known filtering option within its API-Download this step is necessary)
    - CGPSL version 7.5.3


    1) Download Spoilerpics:
    - Export from GSAK a GPX-file, containing all the caches we want to download the Spoilerpics. Open this GPX-file with RC65 Spoiler downloader, make certain that the pictures are resized properly and start the spoiler download. Write down the folder name which contains the downloaded Spoilerpics.
    2) Create WPT-files and HTML-files with GSAK:
    Copy the linked macros into the macropath of GSAK, start TwoNavExportWPT.gsk.
    Important: Make sure that the paths are correct (Spoiler-path too).
    There are many options, just play around a little to learn what they do. The attached image shows the settings, I found optimal for me.

    If Geocaching Tags are chosen, the Twonav-Geocachingmenu can be used.
    But I don't recommend this, since those tags are making Twonav very unstable (max. Cache amount [system crashes] probably 1500 instead of probably 4000 without those tags)
    Keep in mind: Max. number of logentries should be small (6-10), otherwise TwoNav will not show the beginning of the HTML-file containing the desciption (bug v.3).

    3) Use attached to replace the original in the symbols-folder in CGPL and TwoNav, if you want to profit from my special iconset (T5, Favpoint, GCVote,...).

    The macro uses Compescript to convert wpt-files into bwpt-format.
    For this the path to CGPSL version 7.5.3 is hardcoded into TwoNavExportWPT.gsk ($CGPSLProgram="D:\Garmin\CompeGPS Land 7.5.3\CompeGPSLAND.exe"). Change that according to your needs. Make certain that you use CGPSL version 7.5.3 or older, since newer version of CGPSL got confused while converting several wpt-files into bwpt format at the same time, which results in unreadable bwpt files.

    4) Control:
    BWPT files should be bigger than WPT files, since they are containing html description and spoilerpics.

    Many thanks to Joshi_1998, TeamGeoPlesk and Lignumaqua, who created the original macros which are the foundation of this work.
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    Thank you for sharing
    Land 7.7.2 sous Win 10 Pro -- Sportiva 3.2.7 -- OS 2.24 Eboot 041

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