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Tema: save: command not implemented

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    24 Nov, 06

    Predeterminado save: command not implemented

    hi everybody, everytime i read a track on compegps 6.1b and i clik on OK a small window apears that says save: command not implemented, and even if i can still read the track and incorporate it on competition, i don´t think it´s supposed to do that any ideas on solving this?

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    10 Nov, 06


    Hi, this a minor bug, that creates a lot of confussion, as makes you think that the track is not saved. Fortunatly it is saved, and the message it's only a nuissance.

    Anyway I do recomend to use the 6.32g beta release, which has this bug solved and improves the pilot's database management. It can be downloaded from:

    As not everything is solved, I strongly recomend to install in a pararell folder, so you can always go back to the release you are familiar with.



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