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Tema: Difference between measurement and real height

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    31 Oct, 14

    Predeterminado Difference between measurement and real height


    I have visited recently in Nepal and recorded the hike on my Sportiva device.

    Now when i try to decode the results , i get a huge difference between measurement and real height on the map.
    1) case 1 - original recording shows: ~600m climb and ~700m desc
    2) case 2 - after pressing "calculate land altitude for each point" with CDEM map: World.CDEM (1.2Gbyte) downloaded from the twonav site: ~1300m climb and ~1300m desc
    3) case 3 - after pressing "calculate land altitude for each point" with CDEM map: World_Base_Map.cosm: ~1500m climb and ~1600m desc

    I have attached the graph to show the 3 so different variations of the same recording and the original file, what is the correct measurement of those 3 ?

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    28 Apr, 10


    Hi Eli,

    in fact i actually don't have reference data to compare.
    In case you used barometer for logging and calibrated it as often as possible during your trip,for example at huts, peaks or other definite points where you can get the real altitude, case1 is the more accurat one.

    If not, i depends on resolution of the CDEM you used.
    I don't know exactly the resolution of the maps you mentioned( i assume you meant World_Base_Relief.cwdem, instead
    For Europe it's something like 60x90m which is not really accurate. At least this means, more or less often you will get not so accurate altitude datas for a point, as he may be in the wrong area.

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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