The beta version of TwoNav Beta 3.2.rc2 is Available.
Keep in mind that it's a beta version so it may contain bugs.
It's only recommended for user who want do betatesting and check new features/bug fixes. Otherwise please wait for official version.


TwoNav - 3.2rc2
================================================== ====
[Routing] Never-ending recalculations
[Ultra][Aventura][Sportiva2+] Profile's Icon disappears after back to default settings
Unify track thickness config
[Android] Function to configure "Wheel perimeter" is missing
Don't allow to enter Address search if no searchable map is available
[ultra] the keyboard hides the list of results when you search by POI
Need to enter all letters to see result in address search

[Ultra] Show bottom bar in zoomto window
Add a message informing when no music files available
[Ultra] Add Music Player in main menu
[Anima] Set by default to not autoshutdown screen and backlight