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Fixed Bugs
When Simulate track tool bar buttons doesn't show correctly
Device doesn't turn off by low power when countdown ends
Crash when I create two routes or Waypoint files with the same name
Crash opening a map recently activated
Crash closing TwoNav after close a track in "Files" .
[iOS][Android][Amigos]Entering and Exiting Amigos makes application crash
[iOS][Android][Amigos]Crash when amigo is running and you close application
Deviation Alarm is showing and sounding continuously
TEA and TES are in seconds while the data is in minutes
Distance to destination datafield shows km when it is meters
Can't create route in route list if you doesn't add a waypoint
In Track review page navigate button doesn't work
Dropbox authentication stopped working

New Features
[iOS] Allow to configure compass calibration
[Android] Can not 'Open' files outside TwoNavData
[Android] Add 'Download' folder as 2d data and maps folder by default

R. Burnet