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    14 Nov, 14

    Predeterminado Fichiers img de Garmin

    Je suis de plus en plus déçu par Land, j'ai des cartes vectorielles img de Garmin tout ce qui a de plus légal, et lorsque je veux les visualiser avec Land, j'ai toujours des problèmes, certains polygones sont pas ou mal reconnus, certains ne sont pas lus du tout, et même en ayant les icones Garmin pour les Pois, les limites de zoom sont erronées, etc .... Bref Land n'est pas capable de les afficher. je ne vous parle pas de la sauvegarde en Mpv ou Mpvf qui dans 80 % des cas termine par un blocage de Land et un redémarrage obligatoire.

    Alors qu'avec Oruxmaps, logiciel 100 % gratuit j'arrive à lire ces cartes sans aucun problème, avec restitution identique que sur Mapsource. Ou est le problème ??

    J'ai également voulu me servir du module vidéo de Land pour enregistrer lors d'un replay de trace, mais impossible à chaque fois un message d'erreur de résolution.

    Aprés quelques recherches sur le forum il semblerait que ce problème soit connu depuis de nombreuses années mais jamais traité ( comme beaucoup d'autres ).

    Ce foutage de gueule des clients va t il durer encore longtemps ??3

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    28 Apr, 10


    sorry for replying in english, but i don't speak french.

    I have browsed the informations which are available regarding compatible files.
    Here, .img Format is mentioned and unfortunately imo this leads to misunderstandings.

    Reading this, you might think that it means a full garmin map, which usually is build of lot of tiles, can be loaded.
    But thats not the case. Only single files can be loaded.

    The only way i found to handle more tiles is to first merge them with GPSMapedit to MP-Format.
    Than you can load this MP-Format-file.
    But be aware, that even this way is very limited, as loading and working with bigger files(>100MB) may take a lot of resources(RAM, CPU) and processing time.

    Also it has to be mentioned that there exist *.img with different internal formats(standard,NT,NTU).
    Only standard .img can be read. There doesn't exist any other third party software to work with new garmin formats (NT,NTU).
    So it is not relevant if you have a legal copy of Topo DV6 or not, it's tiles are simply no loadable cause of they are build with new Garmin NT-Format.

    Also gmappsup.img in general can't be loaded.

    3. Missing objects
    ....\CompeGPS\plugins\Garmin\LayersGarminPlugin.xm l
    this file defines which objects can be imported.
    If there are missing objects, you can add them into the file

    4. Zoom
    may be i did not uderstood you well, but the zoom levels for layers can be set by far/near zoom settings in properties of a layer

    5. crashes, data loss saving MPV, MPVF
    without going into detail, there exist bugs pending to be fixed.

    6. Video
    I'm missing you informations about used version. This is always a relevant and expected information.
    i tried it with 7.7 on a Win7/64 system.
    I have not tested all possible combinations of resolution, codec,compression ratio but i always failed to create a usable video.
    Always i got a error message regarding wrong image size.

    It's a longer time ago i used the function with former versions. Usually i don't need/use this function. I only used it for reporting bugs.
    Now i remember that issue. I only managed creation of videos using external software.
    I will report it again although i not expect a fix in short term.
    The truth is, that imho functions like this or creation of vectorial maps too, only few users really often use it
    That might be one reason that CompeTeam actually not invest more energy into it.

    you are right that there exist software which can show standard garmin img much better(although the mentioned ORUX maps is not perfect for example the object label problem).

    After 5 years of usage and investing a lot of energy into reporting about the MP>MPV>MPVF- stuff, meanwhile i'm a bit disappointed and don't expect much improvements anymore.
    So if you have the need for viewing Garmin vector maps you have to use Basecamp, Qlandkarte or QV(QuoVadis), for example.

    But as "hope dies at last", may be CompeGPS surprises us in 2015.

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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    14 Nov, 14


    Thanks for your reply. For me when i have bought Land it was for it's many and completes functions for maps, videos and so. Finaly each time i have need some extras, i have founded a bug.

    Years after years, versions after versions, nothing resolved, only more and more bugs.

    Same things for Twonav.

    I cross fingers for 2015 but in fact i don't believe miracles.

    Have a nice end of year

    Best regards


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