A French forum member give us a good trick to solve this problem under windows...
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Hi CpA,

My Anima GPS was not recognized by my laptop running under Windows 7, although it was on my Mac.
In Windows Explorer, the GPS didn’t appear as an external drive.
After a lot of trials, the following solution in my case :

Control Panel -> Device Manager -> USB bus Controllers (Serial bus ?)
- Open this one via the small arrow before the sentence
- On each of the items: right click -> Uninstall - without trouble
- Turn off the computer
- Connect the GPS anima (I had first turned it)
- Start the computer (confirm the message YES for data transfer when it appears on the GPS)
- The rebooting of the computer will last longer, because Windows reinstalls all the necessary USB drivers. And especially: it seeks a driver for ANIMA.
- In fact, it does not find one because there is NO specific driver. Windows then installs by default an ‘USB mass storage device'.
NB: Despite the absence of the driver 'USB Mass Storage’, other devices such as USB keys, mouse via USB functioned normally on my laptop.

Now Land finally synchronizes, and I can thus transfer tracks, etc ...

Hope this helps some people."

Thanks to a.leleux for this trick. Please comment us if this useful for you...