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    05 Aug, 15

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    I've filled in all the details I think I require for energy calculations (settings/user info) to be done, when I review a track the calories are always zero. This is the Android version 3.2, Nexus 7 (Droid 5.1.1). Does this work? What have I missed?

    One other related thing, in "User Info" it's possible to specify the energy calculation method, but I can't find out what the three possible settings actually mean.



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    01 Mar, 05
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    First of all, update your version to the last (3.2.7). There are a lot of bugs fixed on the last one.

    About your other question, they are very similar to Garmin methods...
    Have a look to this:

    Anyway, maybe you can submit a ticket asking your question into:

    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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