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Tema: Is TwoNav Sportiva with TwoNav 2.21 compatible with Windows 8?

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    01 Aug, 11

    Predeterminado Is TwoNav Sportiva with TwoNav 2.21 compatible with Windows 8?

    After a break of 3 years I tried to connect my TwoNav Sportiva to my PC which is running Windows 8.1. On the second attempt the GPS was recognised but the Sportiva immediately crashed with an unknown error. At a third attempt, it seemed to connect OK but crashed after I disconnected.

    Is TwoNav 2.21 compatible with Windows 8.1? If not, can I upgrade to a system which is compatible?

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    28 Apr, 10


    Hi Sandy_Herbert,

    Twonav 2.21 is really very outdated.

    Actual version is 3.2.7 =>

    Important!!!First off all!!!
    Make a backup of all you files on your Sportiva(to your PC or wherever you like).
    Especially *.mkeyb files, which contains licences should be saved.

    Update Twonav-Software:
    You might first test only to update Twonav-Software only.
    Read first:

    "Clean" manual update of Twonav:
    Connect SPORTIVA to the PC to get access to the folders in mass storage mode.

    On Sportiva:
    1. backup your files if you havn't done it until yet
    2. Rename \Twonav to \Twonav_old
    3. create a new \Twonav
    4. download the update zip-file
    5. extract the zip file to the new + empty \Twonav -folder
    6. copy the licence*.mkeyb files into the folder
    7. disconnect it from PC
    8. Switch SPORTIVA on.

    Update Sportivas operating-System(Wince):
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    Gert - - - for Twonav

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