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Tema: Difference in sum of elevation gain

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    03 Aug, 16

    Predeterminado Difference in sum of elevation gain

    When I walk up a mountain and the return to the same point, the sum of elevation gain should be the same for going up and going down. Today, the Anima track log shows 1366m ascending and 1230m descending. I know, there's some difference in air pressure over the day, but the weather was very good the whole day. So what's going on, there? Do I have switch off, the auto calibration of the barometer, and calibrate it by myself at each start? And if, why do they accumulate corrections to the sum?

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    28 Apr, 10


    This more like a ideal case if this happens.
    I really don't remember a case where i had exactly the same value for ascent/descent.
    Doesn't matter if i used Garmin or Twonav devices.
    Ok, a difference of ~10% seems to be a little much, however there may reasons for it like differents temperatures + pressure at different day times...

    In general my experience is, that it is the best, always doing manual calibration at points with known altitude.

    Assisted Autocalibration via GPS always has the risk to gain to much altitudes caused by to bad receiption of gps position.

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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    03 Aug, 16


    On the other day, the difference was 500m. I noticed in the log that the starting height was at height of 1800m and at the end 1300m, last was correct, first completely wrong. I returned to exactly the same place. Of course after switching the device on, the quality of the current position calculation is bad, so I wonder, why the device does automatically calibrate with that bad signal. The day after, I did start again from the same location, waited a few minutes, stopped the log and started it again and there was only little difference at the sum calculation. My old Garmin Vista does a lot better job at this. Calibration should happen when the current position is based on perfect GPS signal quality.

    Doing the calibration manually on known heights, I don't want to do as I should have a device, which could do the job perfectly, if the firmware would do it right.

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