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    01 Mar, 07

    Predeterminado Some bugs, some features requests


    I use a combo of Compe GPS Air 6.4 and Pocket Air 2.5

    Bugs in Air 6.4

    - If the "List of Points" is open, while you select "delete stoppped start- and enpoints", the list of point shows false values. it is then necessary to close and reopen the list of points.

    - If i open two trak files (.IGC) from the same day, i'm not able to optimize both of them, the first works and it asks for a new filename, when i try to optimize the seccond one, nothing happens also no error message or something

    - The open height modells are not saved within a profile, only the open maps

    Feature request for both versions

    - An option to select best height model, similar as one can select best map

    - an option to "zoom" in an out trough different maps (with different scale). like load best map it should also be possible to load a map at the current point with a higher scale. maybe change from load best map to a system with two choices -> load map with smaler scale -> load map with bigger scale

    Feature request for the Pocket version

    - an option in the extended comm options to wait for x seconds after first fix, or/and to set a minimum DOP (quality of signal) before tracking starts.

    my problem i like the autotracking function (connect to GPS on programm start), this way i'm able to start Compe GPS without a stilus and i'm shure it tracks as soon there is a fix (i forgot twice to start tracking with autotrack off, and that's not funny
    but then the GPS gets a fix, but normally first a bad 2D possition which is then tracked already. with an option to wait for let's say 30 seconds after first fix is seen from GPS i could avoid to have innacurate trackpoints in my log.

    - add "Shutdown Screen" to the "Finger operations menu" (sorry don't know the proper name for it)

    As i wrote above, i like the fact that u can use Pocket Air without the stilus, but to safe some battery i shut down the screen on longer flights, but this is not possible via the big buttons. there is one empty space in the files menu, please add shuutdown screen there

    - there is a small typo in the german version of Pocket air

    In the big buttons screens it states:


    correct is:






    (lowercase ö not uppercase)

    Thanks for this great software


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    30 Nov, 04



    thanks for the typos. Sometimes the spanish collegues do the translation on their own .

    I'll have it corrected in one of the next versions.

    You should be able to modify the menus of compepocket using the PC version. Right-Click into the menu and select "Anpassen ...".

    A window openes and on the right side there is a pull down menu where you can also select some menus of compepocket. However the device has to be connected to the PC.

    Another hint: you can (always) delete unwanted points from your tracks using the PC version.

    Hope that helps.

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