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Tema: zoom and rotation in 3D view

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    07 Mar, 05

    Predeterminado zoom and rotation in 3D view

    I noticed a change in the way the zoom and rotation works in the 3D window between version 5.6 and 5.7.

    In 5.6 any rotation of the view or every zoom was centered at the center of the actual view.

    In 5.7 any rotation of the view or every zoom is centered at the center of the map, regardless what part of it you are viewing.

    I find this change very unpractical. Usually I search for a point of interest zoomed far out and then zoom in on it and then rotate the view around it. But now with 5.7 the point I want to look at always wanders out of view (if it is not by accident in the center of the map).

    Is there a way to configure the 3D view in a way that it operates like in 5.6? If not I would suggest to add such an option to the next version.

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    01 Dec, 04


    Would It be possible to have an option, that would make "view without perspective" as a default in 3D view ?

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    10 Jul, 05

    Predeterminado 3D view

    Dear CompeGPS please could you provide an option to enable us to view and rotate tracks in 3D mode as suggested above by Carsten Muth (could this option be provided as a patch download, please?).
    Could someone from CompeGPS possibly post a response on the above to let us all know if/when this could be available. Personally I preferred the old 3D rotation system!
    many thanks for your time
    Jason Brown

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    11 Apr, 05

    Predeterminado Re: 3D view

    Hello Jason,

    I am not sure to understand what you mean. You can use old system functions by selecting the "view without perspective" icon (on top left of the window)or selecting "old 3D engine" on the "textures" section at 3D options window.
    You can also play with the "place the observation point" button (top left of the screen)wich lets you select the situation of the camera.

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    10 Jul, 05


    Dear David,
    Thanks very much for the advice. The 'old engine' button was just what I was after.

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