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Tema: Air 6.0 rc2

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    02 Dec, 04
    Perth West Australia

    Predeterminado Air 6.0 rc2

    I have just been playing with the new Air Compegps.
    I like all the new features ,but just one hiccup.
    When I push the Altitude Graph buttonI get a very messy looking graph with no tracklog displayed.
    I have to then right click on the graph ,click on value for Y axis and remove all the others except barometric altitude.
    It will then display the correct graph.
    I have tried to find somewhere I can set the Y axis to default to barometric height but have been unble to do so.

    Cheers Rod

    I suppose there is a limitation of displaying 2 tracks until you register?

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    19 Nov, 04


    Future version 6.1 will arrange graphs problems. We will make configurable the Y axis!


    Ivan Ripoll
    CompeGPS Team

    PS: Yes! it's a demo limitation!

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