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Tema: CompeGPS and Race together as one program

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    28 Feb, 05

    Predeterminado CompeGPS and Race together as one program

    I've heard that the competition version of CompeGPS will come out as a program that includes the GAP scoring system (equations) and equivalent of the Race output, so we won't continue to have all these problems that arise when the two programs try to talk to each other.


    Davis Straub

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    11 May, 04

    Predeterminado CompeGPS and Race together as one program

    Yes, it's true. We are finishing the next CompeGPS Competition v.6 that's an union of RACE with Compe, but we are tried to solve all the RACE bugs, for implement a better software to do a competition.

    This new version include the option to create and edit a competition, like RACE. And prints the results calculated with GAP formula, and this prints includes a new column for the leading score. This points are included in Departure points column until now, we think that if we separate this two type of points, the GAP formula is more understandable.

    We are working hard to finish the version as soon as posible. You will have a new notices soon.
    Oriol Paituví

    Support CompeGPS

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    Thanks Oriol,

    I hope this is the nirvana that less experienced score keepers are looking for. I'll report on it in the Oz Report.

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