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Tema: XCT to CompeGPS download route

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    24 Sep, 05

    Predeterminado XCT to CompeGPS download route

    Can anyone with a Aircotec XCT download a route either to or from CompeGPS. I have been unable to do this, I have sent many emails to CompeGPS without any sort of fix offered. I have sent many emails to Aircotec, they simply blame CompeGPS.
    There must be someone else out there who uses this combination of instrument and software, since the manufacturers cant help, can anyone else ?
    I have the latest software, have checked the cable and have tried different computers.
    I can download flights ok.


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    23 Dec, 07


    For me this worked when i uploaded first all waypoints (that are used by the route) to XCT and then the route...

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