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Tema: associated files: inter changeability Land & Pocket vers

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    17 Sep, 07

    Predeterminado associated files: inter changeability Land & Pocket vers

    Is it possible to implement in a next version of both Land and Pocket Land that the associated files for waypoints (and other files) can be used without any need for conversion?
    Currently associated files that are created on the Land version (PC) are stored in the path say "C:\Associated_files". If I then transfer and open the (waypoints) file on the Pocket PC, compe Pocket does not recognize this path (the Pocket PC does not have the "c:\" but only "\") and gives an error as it can not find the associated files.

    Although I was offered a nice workaround for it in , I think it is more professional and in line with the competition (OziExplorer) that the associated files should be found on both PC and Pocket PC without any such (manual) conversion.

    In OziExplorer my waypoints with sound/alarm would simply work on the PC and Pocket PC without needing any conversion...
    Ozi puts the (associated) soundfiles in the root: on PC "c:\oziexplorer\soundfiles" and on the Pocket PC in "\oziexplorer\soundfiles".
    The program then somehow reads "c:\" (on PC) in the same way as "\" (on the Pocket PC). You could then use the waypointfiles with alarm on both PC and Pocket PC without having to do any conversion...

    Could you implement this in future versions of Land and Pocket Land?


    (btw, it also seems a nice way for you to "lock-in" your customers, as people would be inclined to buy both versions (Land and Pocket PC) with such interchangeable features...)

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    01 Mar, 05
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    Good suggestion!!!
    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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