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Tema: PocketAir on CE.NET 4.2?

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    03 Dec, 04

    Predeterminado PocketAir on CE.NET 4.2?

    well, I got trapped in the MS operating system mess, I guess.

    I bought two Mobia CMC-3000 handhelds ( naively assuming that PocketAir will run on this (I need a ruggedized platform).

    Well guess what, cant even install PA on this platform. Great, so I have two doorstops now at $1200 apiece.

    Any hints on how I can get this to work?

    lost in the code mess,


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    19 Nov, 04


    Dear Michael,

    This is a late answer, but we are now studying the possible compatibility with Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2 .

    We keep you informed about it,

    Ivan Ripoll
    CompeGPS Team

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