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Tema: Manual control over pilot scoring

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    oellefsen Guest

    Predeterminado Manual control over pilot scoring


    Congrats on the new version, seems like there's still some parts of RACE code in there

    I'm missing the options to manually penalize/score a pilot. It's not always the GPS tracklog is the only factor to concider. Sometimes we want to score a pilot even if there is no tracklog, for various reasons.

    Is this the right place to post bug comments?

    Also, checks against airspace, are there any plans for this feature?

    Best regards,
    Oyvind Ellefsen

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    11 May, 04

    Predeterminado Manual control over pilot scoring

    Thanks for the congrats. We prefer to do the new version like RACE because some users prefer to work with the same interface.

    For this moment you can't penalize manually a pilot. It's a future improvement that we note. Probably this option will be in the next 6.1 version.

    I think that the right place to post bugs is our support mail because we look the mail every day and it's more comfortable for us.

    Best regards.
    Oriol Paituví

    Support CompeGPS

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    17 Dec, 04

    Predeterminado Version 6.1

    Do you have an estimate date of 6.1 release ?
    Points penalization (cloud flying, obligatory reports, etc.) is very necessary

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    11 Aug, 11


    I would like the new version !

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