I see that there are several requests for CompeGPS to export its waypoints to a format that other programs can use, but this feature has not been added. As a temporary solution, I've written a small utility to convert .WPT files to .gpx files.

I'm unable to determine what all of the fields in the CompeGPS waypoint record are for, but understand enough of them (documented in the utility file itself) to be able to generate a valid .gpx file. You can then open that file with, for instance, G7ToWin.

To run my utility, grab this zip file containing the utility (CompeGPS2gpx.exe) and a sample .WPT file (CalgaryAirspace.WPT). Unzip the file into a folder, open a command prompt in that folder, and type:

CompeGPS2gpx.exe CalgaryAirspace.WPT
Naturally, you can replace the name of the sample file with your own waypoints file.

I tested the utility with Windows XP, Python 2.4.1. I was able to read the generated .gpx file with G7ToWin (and even found a bug in it that the author has already fixed in his latest version A.00.199f).

If you need to convert CompeGPS waypoints to some other obscure format, get a copy of GPSBabel, as it understands more than 40 formats, and can convert the generated .gpx file to just about any format you desire.

I've provided the source code (in Python) for the utility; if you make improvements, please send me a copy.