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Tema: GPS communication unstable

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    22 May, 05

    Predeterminado GPS communication unstable

    I?m testing CompeGPS Pocket Air v.2.0 (English).

    The testing environment is:
    - HP Ipaq hx 2110
    - Pocket 2003
    - Garmin 76S
    - Garmin protocol (9600)

    The problem is that the software is loosing GPS signal several times although the GPS is up and running.

    For example, every time you switch the pages from ?moving map? to ?main data?, all fields are blank. If you stop the GPS communication and restart it, the values come up, but again, when you switch the page again, you suddenly loose GPS signal again.

    The problem happens even if you stay on a single page.

    Can anybody help me?


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    22 May, 05

    Predeterminado GPS communication unstable

    Some additional information ...

    I've tested SeeYou on the same equipment but using NEMA protocol and everything worked fine.

    When I try to configure CompeGPS Pocket Air to use NEMA protocol, It shows an error message telling that It was unable to connect to the GPS ...

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    30 Nov, 04


    What amount of memory do you have in your HP?

    I had a FSC LOOX 600 for some years and it sometimes happened that the BT-communication broke due to a lack of memory.

    What you should know: Windows Mobile doesn't close an application if you tap on the X. The Application is minimized and I had the feeling that the OS closes the Applications if it runs into a memory problem!

    You might check your available program memory by tapping on system > memory


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    22 May, 05


    Thanks for your help, but I don't think memory is a problem ...

    My Ipaq has 64Mb of RAM and 64Mb of ROM, but I've installed CompeGPS in a SD Card with 512Mb ...

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