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Tema: undefined critical

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    01 Jun, 05

    Predeterminado undefined critical


    I have installed my copy of compegps,every time i open the 3d map, i get the following error message, after which compegps crashes completely

    Underfined critical in TForm_Visor_3D::Inicia_3Dtr=2

    Can you please tell me how to fix this...

    Kind regards

    Richard Barber

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    11 Apr, 05

    Predeterminado Re: undefined critical

    Hello Richard,

    Please, ensure that you have the last drivers of our videocard loaded on your computer. Sometimes we spend much money and time to find these kind of errors and, finally it was a drivers trouble.

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    14 Jun, 05

    Predeterminado maps of india

    is there any website from where i can freely download maps of india useable with compegps.

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    11 Apr, 05

    Predeterminado Re: maps of india


    We don't know about indian maps, but now, with the map downloader of CompeGPS you can download free vectorial maps of around the world (included India)from where you can see the main roads, cities and rivers (DCW maps). You can also download elevation maps.

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