If I right-click on a waypoint, select properties, and then go to the Radius, as soon as I type in a number 5280 feet for example, as soon as I hit "Enter" or I leave the field the radius number I just entered changes. In this example when I enter 5280 feet it immidately changes to 1609 feet. It does this everytime you click on and leave the field so it goes from 5280, to 1609 to 490.4 to 149.5, etc.

I was assuming how this would be used if I need to launch my baloon a certain distance from a target (waypoint), I could change this radius option to 1 mile for example (5280 feet), so I'd know just how far away from the target I needed to be. Maybe that's not how this is to be used.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.