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Tema: Do you want an Italian Forum??

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    01 Mar, 05
    En el medio del páramo

    Predeterminado Do you want an Italian Forum??

    As Pascal has said...

    Cita Iniciado por Pascal
    let's be democratic and prepare a poll.
    Do you want an Italian forum section to talk about pasta? Knowing that no CompeGPS people will be able to answer in direct and no italian moderator will be present (at least at the beginning)
    - Yes, Voglio parlare italiano
    - No, I prefer to go in the english forum
    ... here is the Poll...

    Please Vote...
    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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    Pascal Guest


    big success....where are the italians?

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    22 Oct, 07
    Lecco - Italy


    Here i am Hi pascal and hi cpa.
    Italian forum for me is not so necessary but if you will open it i will watch @ it every time i will come here and also i can help you to manage that part of the forum if you need an italian moderator. ( i use compe land since 2007 and now i have an aventura, no other products experience)
    My opinion is that, more helpfull then a new italian forum could be to post more in the english forum instead of in the espanol.

    Could be difficult for espanol people but i think is mandatory if compegps want to become "more international"

    Bye byeeee
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    01 Nov, 09


    Becoming more international sounds like a great plan, I very much appreciate the quality of Twonav compared to other apps.

    BUT: my expectation of "more international" is that everything will be in ENGLISH! I'm also not native english, but why have an international forum in Spanish or Italian or any other language than english???

    Maybe a good start of becoming anywhere close to international is to make the verification questions you need to answer to register to the forum or to request your password in english instead of spanish ;-) Took me a few shots before I could answer one without speaking spanish.....

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    31 May, 09


    Hi CPA and Pascal!

    I am from austria (german language) - But i would prefer english language with a moderator. (original language for navigation is english)
    I think, this would be the best way to reach the international market all over the world.
    The aventura is an excellent gps and is the best support-site i have ever seen compared to other gps-manufactors.

    If more people would use the english forums it would be easier to share tips/tricks and help each other.
    Subforums with different languages would help only a few couple of people.
    I myself would consider to close e.g. the german forum to have all users in one big english forum.

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    19 Oct, 08


    yes! i use twonav since 2008 and many friends use it.

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    01 Feb, 10
    Agra,top of a hill on Lago Maggiore,Italy


    English forum.
    Unfortunately I see lot of messages in spanish that are very interesting but somewhere I need to find a translation because the misunderstanding can be dangerous...... borra ? delete ? cancella ? is an example.

    Let's force to one international language, English, also if software and manual in native language can be a succefull markenting argument.


    Ps About past the discussion is in the forum www.pastagps.trk ........ hi hi hi .............

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    19 Feb, 10


    Io invece non vedo perchè non fare un Forum in italiano...

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    19 Feb, 10


    Avrei infatti un quesito, utilizzo intensamente compe su Pocket (HTC TytanII) e CompeGPS per PC e funziona tutto molo bene.
    Con TWONAV per iPhone 3G noto un ritardo
    sulla visualizzazione della posizione. In sostanza con mappe Teleatlas, mi ritrovo sempre circa 200 metri prima del punto reale (Ovviamente agli incroci c'è un grosso disagio).
    Mi è arrivato Aventura da poco, e mi pare abbia lo stesso 'difetto', altri con lo stesso problema?? soluzioni??

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    25 Feb, 10

    Predeterminado forum italiano

    Non ho difficoltà a dialogare in inglese,ma in Italia il compegps si stà diffondendo,anche la versione Air per chi come me pratica anche parapendio o deltaplano,per cui gli italiani interessati sono in aumento.Una sezione forum italiana sarebbe ottima

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