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Tema: Making new maps for the Aventura

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    14 Jun, 09

    Unhappy Making new maps for the Aventura


    I purchased an Aventura mainly as flying instrument for my Paragliding rig. I definitely understand that the Aventura is mainly marketed in Europe and accordingly it only offers European maps. I really like the Aventura especially de feature that lets save tracks as IGC files (one of the main reason I bought it) but I wish I could install US maps on it.

    I guess I am posting here to see if anyone of you happen to have US maps that you may have made and wouldn't mind sharing. Or if anyone can point me in the right direction I am more than happy to try and make the maps myself on CompeGPS Air. I have just looked, and googled, and look some more on the web and have not been sucessful at finding anything.

    I did manage to make a map of my local flying site by taking an image from Google Earth and then importing it and calibrating it in CompeGPS. I do have to say the maps looks great at 1500 feet zoom but try to go any further in all landmarks are pixels .

    Anyway, thanks so much for reading my post and hopefully someone here may have an interest and posses some US maps. Otherwise I will certainly enjoy my Aventura to its fullest when I fly my paraglidng in Europe too bad it only represents 2% of my yearly flying .


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    28 Jan, 05


    For vector maps have a look to this thread

    I only read the very first posts, it seems people is talking about no topo SHP maps found in this site

    On the other hand you can download a full evaluation version of Global Mapper 11, valid until July 15, from

    Then go to: File > Download Online Imaginery and explore the entries, mainly DigitalGlobe (raster) and OpenStreetMaps (vector). There are also several sources of elevation data.

    You can also try: File > Open ECW file form the Web > USA ...

    Good luck
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    14 Jun, 09


    Thanks Pepin! I'm going to give your recommendations a try.

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