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Tema: How to convert many .img file in one mpv/mpbf file ?

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    22 Oct, 07
    Lecco - Italy

    Predeterminado How to convert many .img file in one mpv/mpbf file ?

    I have a folder with 100 .img files (without copyright), i'd like to make a single vectorials file to use with my aventura.
    How can i proceed ?

    Now i open a .img and then with "save as" i can convert the format but the "fusion" function work only if you need a raster image.

    Any idea ?

    Thank you
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    28 Aug, 05
    Memmingen, Germany


    Hi Tato,

    it would be great if a more experienced CompeGPS user could join in to this discussion. I feel sometimes like 'reinventing the wheel' dealing with all the 'do's and 'dont's using an unknown program.

    At the moment I would join the tiles outside CompeGPS and import the complete region.


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    28 Jan, 05


    I feel there is no way to do that with Compe, maybe you would ask for this feature to support at

    Currently you can copy and paste or drag single layers from a vector map to another, but the results, either layer fusion or new layer creation depens on the IDs of the source or target layers.

    Merging vector maps in batch process would be a great tool.

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