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    08 Jun, 09
    N48.31538 E9.24062

    Predeterminado personaly POI

    Hello Compe Team,

    please change the personally Poi futures. Aventura shows only 50 Pois. Why? The System is overextended with much poi. The old, little gpsmap60csx is here much better.

    This Future does not suited to the great Aventura.

    I am waiting to a next update. Thanks for your understanding.
    Aventura - Sportiva - Samsung Q1+PPC TwoNav - GPSMAP 60 csx - TTQV 5/4 PU - Globalmapper - CGPSL - W7/64pro -

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    31 May, 09


    Testing with BWPT did also not solve the problem for me.
    I installed my pois on the garmin and use therefore 2 gps-systems.
    I will be very happy, if the aventure will handle all pois in the next releases without performance problems.
    (testing with 27 gpx-files with 12.000 Pois)

    It is a great unit with the best support of all gps-companys.

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