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Tema: invalid skin

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    Predeterminado invalid skin

    I updated to 2.1 and I get an error message

    "Invalid Skin, unable to open '\NAND FLASH\TwoNav\symbols\skins\default.cskin\skin.xml' "


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    Pascal Guest


    you drunk too much beer Nick
    did you follow the rules? do not delete before, just copy/paste and say yes to overwrite

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    Drunk!? Not likely, not when I am holding a "baby" in my arms

    Yes, I read carefully, all I did was a straight copy and it asked to overwrite and I said yes. Now I have another problem, it came up with a license request. Now it just shows Logo and then shuts down.

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    31 May, 09


    I myself would copy my backup back to the internal drive - do you have a backup from the original Aventura?

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    I have/had 5 units so I copied from another datacard

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