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Tema: PROBLEM: Auto-Routing, "Keep left/right" announcement wrong & misleading

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    15 Jun, 09
    Nürnberg (Germany)

    Predeterminado PROBLEM: Auto-Routing, "Keep left/right" announcement wrong & misleading

    Hi CompeGPS-Team,

    the announcement "keep left" or "keep right" is not just annoying, but also dangerous. The following behavior has been reported for primary and secondary roads (Highway & Bundesstrasse). Not to be mistaken for "turn left/right" instructions (these are fine).

    The announcement has been heard:
    - on straight roads, approx. every 300m
    - in case there is a minor road crossing.
    - in curves (without crossing road)
    - on a highway, where the announcement "keep right" directed me off the highway into a parallel road (exit + entry road) and after a few 100m "keep left" directed me back onto the same highway.

    Best regards
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    Aventura 2.5 (OS 1.3.59.R ), TTQV4-ST, CompeGPSLand 7.0 Licensed
    OSM & Linux appreciated.

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    16 Dec, 08


    I agree this keep left or keep right on a very regular basis is discerning. also an issue is the lack of guidance at the point starting the route, even though there is a pink line, seems a lack of balance in the verbal directions.

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    28 Jan, 05


    I had the same problem last week.

    Going from Viella to the Boi Valey in the Catalan Pirynees, I very often heard instructions from the Aventura saying nothing but to keep along the main route N-230.

    However, when I reached the cross to take the secondary route to the Boi Valley, Aventura stop talking.

    Hopefully a simple whistle of my 60csx put me on alert.

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