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    20 Aug, 09
    Adelaide, Australia

    Predeterminado Backpack holster?

    Hi again,

    I've been looking at the various mounts for the Adventura, but nothing has caught my eye as being especially suited to hiking yet. What are people using?

    For my Vista, I have the carabiner clip mount threaded into the shoulder strap. Photo Attached. It's good to have the GPS high so that it can see as many satellites as possible and it's out of the way but easy to get to. It doesn't bounce about this way. Very good for snow skiing too - you can see I have a second safety strap clipped in so that a fumble on the chairlift doesn't cost me the gps.

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    31 May, 09


    I am using

    Is perfect for my Murmur™ Hyperlight Backpack

    If you have a different Backpack, you might chosse a similar Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket.

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