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Tema: Cumulative descent / climb

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    23 Feb, 09

    Predeterminado Cumulative descent / climb

    Only about 10 to 15% of actual cumulative descent / climb (comparative measurements with Garmin Map60 CSX and bike computers) have been shown on display.
    For example:
    On an biketour wirth e.g. 1000 m cumulative climb, then in the datafields only 150 m up / 150 m down are shown. When I look at the poberties at the end of the track, the elevation gain is correct.
    (I would point out, that the altimeter was calibrated at the start at the height above sea level)
    Have you also such deviations or false calls detected, or I have the display of accumulated descent / climb misunderstood ??

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    10 Sep, 08
    Darmstadt (Germany)


    I think this is a bug.

    But the Aventura can calculate the proper values.
    Just go to the track-folder and chose the activ track and check the properties for altitude.
    The values for climbing and descending is there very similar to others devices.

    Anima+ 3.3.4, , Samsung S5 with TwoNav Android 3.3.4
    (old devices Aventura W.E. 3.1/OS 1.3.60R, Sportiva+ 3.0/OS 2.2.1, Garmin 60CSx, Magellan Meridian Platinum)
    CompeGPS Land 8.1.1 & 7.7.* (Win & Mac) running on Mac OS X using a virtual machine for Win XP
    dt. TwoNav-SubForum im Naviboard
    Perl-Script a Converter for Tracks and Waypoints (e.g. GPX, KML and CompeGPS, ...)

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    10 May, 09

    Predeterminado Accumulated climb does not work

    I have been now two weeks in the mountains with the Aventura.

    The accumulated climb numbers are way too low. Just take a look at the screenshot I have taken: I reset everything at the beginning of the trip and started at 1750 m altitude - after climbing about 550 m to 2300 m the accumulated climb was still at 239 m.

    Best regards,
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