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Tema: PROB: directions window size not decreased

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    15 Jun, 09
    Nürnberg (Germany)

    Predeterminado PROB: directions window size not decreased


    the window showing the directions to follow (probably road signs, not sure about the correct name) is not reduced in size, if the number of entries in the list is reduced. Valuable screen-space is wasted (ref. screenshot, grey window, upper right corner).

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    Última edición por tv-arnd; 13/01/2010 a las 00:07
    Aventura 2.5 (OS 1.3.59.R ), TTQV4-ST, CompeGPSLand 7.0 Licensed
    OSM & Linux appreciated.

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    Pascal Guest


    This is solved in upcoming 2.1 version

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